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We receive your inquiry, consultation, request of rough estimate about web and graphic design by the mail form.

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** Web site Planning & Consulting

We assist client build a web site that supports the concept the company looks for. Through our thorough discussions and suggestions to identify the exact needs, our experienced Planner and Designer handle total planning & consulting.

** Design Coordination

We design web site that matches with your business web site concept, We ensure the product represents your business image.

** HTML/CSS layout

We do not rely on productive package tools to work on layout but we apply HTML or CSS to directly layout and design. This method allows the product of the design/layout more flexible.
We will do our best to satisfy the specific requests from our clients.

** Icon/Menu Button/Illustration/ Link Banner Production

With high graphic technology of Adobe lllustrator, Adobe Photoshop we produce web site titles, contents menu buttons, icons, link banners, etc.

** Image, photograph Scanning/Processing

We handle layout of photographs and pictures to add effects to the outlook of the web site.
We format image photos and merchandise photos of shops and businesses into data style and by using Adobe Photoshop, we arrange level adjustment, color adjustment or comments.

** GIF/FLASH Animation Production

By using animation layout to put out animation on the web site, a greater number of viewers can be attracted to the page. Use of Macromedia FLASH, Adobe ImageReady can create fun and "cool" animation.

** Sound/MIDI

Adding nice sound to Web site is another effective way to make it attractive. We also have line of professional musicians to work on requests.

** JavaScript

We can arrange pages per different PC users when they visit the web site by using JavaScript (program language).
Also "Rollover" method which changes regular menu buttons to other pictures when placing a cursor on the buttons is highly effective to attract viewers.

** CGI (Common Gateway Interface)/PHP

By using the CGI or PHP, we set up Access Counter, Bulletin Board System (BBS), Chat, Mail Form, etc., direct communication with users on the web site.

** Shopping Cart System

E-Shop can be created by use of Shopping Cart System. The method helps eliminate warehouse expenses and office space rent. Besides, advertisement is carried out on the Internet, management of your business can cost you less.
Even those business owners with actual facility setup, they still use Shopping Cart System to expand their business development through E-shop system.

** Foreign Language Site Production

Your existing site can be reproduced in a foreign language other than the original language. The whole design, layout and picture data will be mirrored to keep the production cost under control. The existing site can be arranged as follows:
  Produce Japanese site out of English site
  Produce English site out of Japanese site


** Logo Design

Logo design for businesses and shops - the face of the business.

** Signage Design & Production

We handle total production of business signs starting from designing to actual productions. The range of size is wide as well - large size signs and window cutting logos for example. Choice of size, image, color, etc. will be discussed to ensure the making of satisfactory products.

** Poster & Leaflet Design & Production

We handle total production of business advertisement posters, leaflets, menus, etc. starting from designing to actual productions.

** Business Card Design & Production

We handle total production of business cards starting from designing to actual productions. Design can be arranged to pop image, cool image, etc. to meet your unique request as well.


In the Advertising Department, we will try to become "the bridge between Guam and Japan" and periodically introduce the latest shop and restaurants in Guam.

** "JAL/Reso'cha" Web site - Guam Reporter (Twice a month)
October 2000 - October 2007

** "MIMAMINO SHIMA KARA" Web site and Mail Magazine - Guam Reporter (every week)
July 2000 - April 2003

** "NHK CHIKYU RADIO" (Live show) - Appear as the Guam correspondent (irregular)
Since August 2002

** "GEKKAN SEIRYU" - Writing as the Guam Reporter (irregular)
April 2004 issue, May 2004 issue, and June 2004 issue

** Lecture of Mr. Shigeru Takahashi in Guam - Sponsoring
November 17, 2005
Mr. Shige Takahashi - Owner of Resort Restaurant "Casita"

** Lecture of Dr. Yumi Ishihara in Guam - Sponsoring
December 13, 2006
Dr. Yumi Ishihara - Doctor of Medicine / Director of Ishihara Clinic

** "TRAVEL JOURNAL" - Guam Writer
Guam Special 2007 Autumn
Guam Special 2008 Spring/Autumn
Guam Special 2009 Spring

** "poroco" - Guam Coverage cooperation
Guam Special July 2008 Issue (published on June 20)
Guam Special July 2009 Issue (published on June 20)

** JAL "Tabi suru shiawase" - Guam Plan cooperation
Published on May 20, 2009


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