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The following is a standard price. But the total production fee is based on the scale and the contents of web site. Please inquire of us about a price without ceremony!!
We can coordinate of web site in proportion to your budget.

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We receive your inquiry, consultation, request of rough estimate by this mail form.

Last updated on 4/25/2009

Item Price
Total Coordinate, Design, HTML Layout
(Top page)
$1000.00/page 〜
Total Coordinate, Design, HTML Layout $250.00/page 〜
HTML Layout only
(Follow your instruction about design)
$100.00/page 〜
Graphic, Photo Scanning/Retouch/Modify $25.00/sheet 〜
Create Icon, Button, Illustration $15.00/item 〜
Logo Design/Tracing Call us
Create GIF, FLASH Animation $50.00/item 〜
Sound/MIDI $50.00/item 〜
Page using JavaScript Call us
Page using CGI or PHP Call us
Development programs Call us
Translation (Japanese to English/English to Japanese) Call us

* $ = US dollar
* The size of a page is as A4 (or Letter).
* A unit price depends on a difficulty and the level of design.
* Tax is not included in the above.
* The fee of a design maintenance (modification/additional) is an extra charge after hand over.
(Not included in a first production fee.)
* The fee of a major renewal of web site is an extra charge.
(Not included in a first production fee and a maintenance fee.)
* The fee in the above is sometimes changed without notice.


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